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When you are looking forward to selling your property at the fastest possible, for whatever reason you may have then you have, then we are here to help you. We Buy Houses San Diego is a Real Estate Investment Company that buys houses in the San Diego County and areas surrounding it, no matter the condition of the house, or the property owner’s reason for selling it.
A lot of property owners find themselves stuck in a situation as they wait for their property to get sold. And while others would not mind, those who need to have their property liquidated as soon as possible may not find it easy to close the deal even if they have a great real estate agent helping them out. And when the homeowner gets desperate, they tend to further lower the property value just to close the deal and get the funds that they needed.
In San Diego, such a situation happens all the time especially when the property is less than appealing in terms of what the buyers usually look out for.

Help Me Sell My House Fast San Diego

  1. It could be the neighborhood. Buyers will always be looking for communities that are safe to live in, and would afford them the convenience they need given their current lifestyle. Crime rates, job availability, good schools, as well as community conveniences such as public hospitals, day care centers, and the like all figure in the decision-making process of families when purchasing a house and lot. As for the lifestyle needs, some may want to live in a place near their jobs, malls, or even sporting and leisure areas like parks, play grounds, open spaces, biking trails and the like.
  2. It could be the property itself. When was the last time you remodelled your home? Does it still look good still or does it look less than desirable? Visuals remain to be a factor when it comes to selling a property. And when a property does not look like it deserves a buyer’s money then it will definitely not get sold.
  3. The property needs repairs. If there’s any part of your home that is damage and needs to be repaired then buyers will most likely not transact with you unless you agree to shoulder the repairs. And since repairs could be expensive, a cash-strapped property owner who is looking forward to the sale of his property for financial infusion, will not be able to sell the property ASAP or at a good price.
  4. The property is not movein ready. Most families will need a home that is ready to accommodate them and their needs. If your property needs a whole lot of cleaning, and refurbishing then buyers may cross it off their shortlist.

When any of the above-mentioned reasons applies to your property, then prepare yourself to wait for a longer period of time, or make do with a low sale value. This is because even your real estate company or agent will recommend that you undertake repairs and property preparations to expedite your deal closure.
The good news is Real Property Investors like us in We Buy Houses San Diego are here to buy your property at a fair market value at the quickest time possible. We do not care about the neighborhood, the condition of your home, the repairs that it needs, or whatever reasons you may have for selling it. We will buy it, on an “as is where is” basis and we will do so in the quickest possible time.
In most cases you get to sell your property to us in a week’s time, and you can even continue living in your property in the next 30 days after our deal has been closed. This is because we have managed to cut the unnecessary documentations, wait times and requirements, typically needed by real estate companies. We also act fast, and we no longer need to link you with a buyer who will appreciate your property and buy it at a good cost.

How Do you Sell your Property to us?

Great question. Just fill out the form below, and provide us our needed information about your property. Within the next 24 hours we will be reverting to you and give you our fair market price offer. We will then wait for you to take action on our offer and let us know what you have decided on.
Once you have agreed on our offer, we will then send you an agreement that you can sign and return to us. We will then process our escrow documents and proceed with the transaction. Most of our clients get paid in CASH within the next seven days.
And yes, we do not mind the current state of your property, or your reason behind wanting to sell it.

Help Sell My House Fast

Apart from the many advantages that we enumerated about closing the deal with a real property investor like us, we want you to know that with us, you are definitely in good hands.

Here are the many reasons why you should have us help you with your home:

  1. You can trust us. We have been serving San Diego for the past years, and we have earned a good reputation such that we continue to receive positive feedbacks, referrals, and repeat businesses. We will never short-change you, and we will only offer fair market value.
  2. We understand your needs. We are quick in terms of processing our transaction because we know you want to get rid of your property as fast as you can. We know that the time is ticking and it will be in our best interest to close the deal as soon as possible. This is the reason why we came up with procedures that will minimize the time, effort, as well as requirements needed in order to close a deal with us. We will only ask of you what is really needed and we will value your time and effort.
  3. We pay in CASH, and we dispense it fast. Most of our clients get their cash payments within the week that they sold their house to us. We know that most property owners who have been wanting to sell their home needs to get their property liquidated real quick, and so we will do it as speedily as we can so that you can move on to other more important matters in your life.
  4. We are experts in the field. We have been in the home buying business for quite sometime and we already know what clients want. We serve you with utmost integrity and we can help you whatever situation you may be in.
  5. You do not need to prime your home for us, nor do you need to undertake repairs. We buy homes in any condition. Even if it has a lot of stuff that merit an episode in Hoarders, or any type of reality show. We will help you no matter what.
  6. We do not charge any commissions, cuts or the like. We do not charge any percentage or commission similar to that which is charged by real estate companies. We are an honest to goodness real property buying company that you can definitely trust.
  7. We definitely give you the control. We will buy your property and close the deal at your convenience. If you want to close the deal at a certain date, just let us know and we will be transacting in order to close that deal on our agreed time. We will also not be rushing you to move out, because you can stay in the property you have sold to us up to a month after we have paid you in CASH.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our form, and provide us the information about your property so that we can make an offer. Get in touch with us today!