How Do I Sell My House?

We have simplified the process of selling properties. No unnecessary processes, no unnecessary documentations, no need to wait, and most importantly no fees, percentages, commissions or what not.

You just have to give us the information on your property and we will promptly respond within the next 24 hours on an offer that is fair for both of us. This amount will never have deductions, or hidden costs, service fees or whatever charges that you have been used to when selling your property through a real estate company.

Once we have made you an offer, we will then wait for your response so that we could prepare the necessary paperwork needed to process the sale.

Super Easy, No Frills Home Sale Transaction

We Buy Homes San Diego CAIf you decide to go on with the sale (and we are pretty sure you will, because we provide a fair market offer), all you have to do is just let us know so that we can send in a more formal offer sheet. You would then have to sign on this sheet and return it to us.

Once we receive your signed offer, we will then process the whole transaction. We will request relevant documents on your property (rest assure we will not require you to submit unnecessary ones) so that we can already work with our escrow company in coming up with Escrow Documentations.

We will then request you to sign these once again, and after which we will be closing the deal. We assure you that you will not have to pay for anything upfront and that no fees will be deducted from the payment we will be handing you.

Quickly Sell Your Property to Us

We will buy your property as is, and we will pay for it in cash, usually within seven days upon the start of our transaction. All relevant fees involving the sale closure will be shouldered by our company,and we will not charge you any service fees or buying charges or documentation fees whatsoever.

If in case you will need to sell quicker than we normally offer, just let us know and we will see if that is possible. Just let us know any of your needs and we will try our best to accommodate them!

Most Convenient Home Sale Ever

We can even close in the date you choose or any convenient time for you. If you still need to stay in your home, but need the cash payment already we can allow you to stay put within the next 30 days after you have received the cash payment.

If you have tenants in your property, but you still wish to sell it, you do not have to worry as well. We can buy your property even while your tenants are still leasing it. We offer you virtually a no-hassle deal. No unnecessary wait time, simplified process and documentary requirement, no repairs and refurbishing or deep cleaning. Just give your property to us, give us the information that we need as well as the basic documentary requirement and we will process the transaction as quickly as we can.

Get in touch with us today.