We Buy Probate & Estate Properties

We Buy Probate and Estate Properties

We understand that this is a difficult period in your family life, and along with disposing Estate and Probate properties may surface several issues that can be stressful and emotionally challenging.

Allow us to take off a heavy load from your back, by selling us the estate or probate property that you wish not to keep. We have years upon years of exeperience in buying probate and estate properties such that we make the whole process easier for you minus the hassle and unnecessary waiting time and effort.

We have a team of lawyers, contractors, surveyors, as well as title companies that can help in liquidating the assets that have been left by your loved one that has passed on. We specialize in the San Diego setting and we have done so in the quickest, most convenient way.

Inherited property

Did you inherit a property that you have no intentions of keeping? Give us the information about this home or commercial location and we will be making you an offer within the next 24 hours!

You do not even need to have it repaired, remodelled or refurbished. We can definitely help you with this situation because we have experts in our team that can process the sale and help you obtain the funds that could be otherwise used for your own chosen areas in life.

Painless as Possible

For most families, such proceedings are packed with emotions and grief, and so you will definitely benefit from hiring expert property buyers like us who can objectively go on with the sale.

Just provide us all the relevant information on your property and we will immediately get back to you with a fair market offer. Should you decide to accept our offer, we can then proceed with a site visit at your convenience.

Afterwhich, we can then moveon with the processing of the legal documents meant to move the sale forward. We will be keeping you posted on all the necessary information and updates about the whole procedures involving your property, and make it as hassle-free and as convenient for you as possible. We will definitely help you get the value of your inherited property in the fairest manner possible.

Once the transaction has been processed and concluded, you get to walk away with your payment. And again, we buy at whatever the condition of the house, and regardless if there are tenants.

We can even close on a schedule that is convenient to you. Just let us know if you need anything and we will definitely try our best to provide you the convenience that you request for. We will also make sure that you get the property value that your loved ones wished to provide for you. We know you are in an emotionally exhausting situation, and our job here its to at least help make an area or your life easier and free from all the drama that such proceedings may involve.

We are here to help you, and we will be doing it with all honesty and fairness. Get in touch with us today.